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Margaret, a widow wanting to stay put to be near family

Carol has been helping and advising me about the best way to reconfigure my financial position rather than needing to sell my long time and much loved apartment at this stage in my life.

Carol has expertise and wide experience that I was unaware of – initially.   Before I consulted Carol, I asked many people and organisations over the previous 12 months for advice and I now realise the best, most satisfying and genuinely worthwhile advice was from Carol who helped me to fully comprehend the options and those that best suited me.

The decision was a complex one and I was so concerned for my future that I asked my ex-boss, Dick Smith, for advice. Dick suggested I talk to his long-time and highly respected financial person for a second opinion, who then spoke with Carol about my situation.  He told me she was right up there with knowledge and sound advice and, in his opinion, I should continue to place my trust in her.

I think I have been a hard taskmaster in that I asked many rather difficult questions as I did not have the full understanding required for me to make such a difficult decision.  Carol spent many hours with me at my home and at her workplace – ever patient and so friendly, and checking and re-checking my needs against the not so reliable information I had given her!

I highly recommend Carol of Later Life Finance, to anyone who needs financial advice and or help.

Carol’s number is: 0408 488 755, or Wayne Rushton, Client Relations on 0418 769 413
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Margaret H


Long time reverse mortgage clients, Maria & Leslie